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5 Best Office Furniture Selangor for Your Small Home Office Layout

Because of the epidemic, many of us work from home. If you transform your living room or library into your office, your productivity will increase and you can maintain the quality of your work. So, in today’s article we will mention the top five office furniture Selangor that you can install in your small home office. Carry on reading the upcoming passage to learn more.

  • D Shape Office Desk – D shape office table is also known as managerial office table. If you want to build a small office in your home, you can install this table. The length of this table is about 6 meters. This table is ideal if you want to work with two to three employees in your home.
  • Fabric Chair & Leather Chair – You can install fabric chairs for your staff in your home and you can install a leather chair for yourself. If you buy a medium back leather chair then this may be ideal for you. Most Medium Back Leather Chair comes in (W 610 X D 610 X H 1095 – 1195) and comes in different colors.

    Fabric chairs come in various lengths and colors. This chair usually comes in W 580 X D 505 – H 825-925. This chair moves very easily and is comfortable.
  • Small Cabinet – You can install a small cabinet to hold paper, files or pens or tablets. This small size cabinet comes in W 400 X D 480 X H 560 and available in Light Grey, Cherry and Maple/Dark Grey color.
  • Director Table – This table is made of Unique O Shape Pyramid Leg. It is different from VOX 2400; this table is created for those managerial position staff. There are two switch door cabinets and a shelf cabinet. This table is available in different colors. This table can be used by at least 3 people.
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