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Know About Some Significant Information Regarding Marriage Green Card

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Attaining a green card in the places like USA, can be either an easy task or the hardest, it is depending on the situation of the non-residential person. In Chicago, there are several persons who are trying to get a green card for gaining their citizenship in USA. An easy way to attain a green card is through marriage. But, you have to engage an attorney to get a marriage green card in Chicago. Before you consider hiring an attorney, you must know about the marriage green card. So, this article is going to give you some idea about the marriage green card. So, that the idea about his green card remain clear to you. Let’s proceed in the article for knowing more about this marriage green card.

What Is Marriage Green Card?

The marriage green card is an identification card which indicates the holder’s status to live & work in the USA. The people who are thinking of immigrating to the USA should definitely have a green card for establishing their identity in the USA. Those who have a marriage green card are allowed to stay in the USA as long as they wish. This is really a great opportunity for them who wants to stay in the USA for longer time but don’t having difficulties for some reason. Owning a marriage green card is the basic requirement to live in the USA. This means anyone who would like to live permanently & work in the USA requires firstly a green card. This will provide them the opportunity to stay and do their work taking exactly what time they want. You will be more benefitted if you hire an attorney to obtain your green card.

Know How An Attorney Can Help You In Getting A Marriage Green Card

You will be able to get your marriage green card in Chicago in two ways. First is, you can process a spousal green card entirely within the United States. Secondly, you can appeal for a marriage based permanent residence by a consular office board. An attorney is able to help you in both of the cases for ensuring the petition is filed rightly. Also, an attorney will prepare you for attending your legal marriage interview.

Hence, for getting the job done rightly, you need to contact a reputed & trusted law firm.

Moreover, appointing an attorney you have to present some document to obtain the green card. They include:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Proof of sponsors US citizenship
  4. Financial document

These are the necessary documents you must present. You will get the proper guidance by your attorney regarding the documents.

From Which Law Firm Should You Hire Attorney From?

From “Mark Silverman Law Office Ltd.” you can get reliable lawyers who can help you in getting marriage green card in Chicago. These lawyers provide these services at an affordable price. Gather more details from their website- and read other online articles on this topic from the internet.

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