Want To Opt For Bookmatching Slabs? 5 Things You Should Know First!

Want to upgrade your home uniquely? Then you can opt for bookmatching slabs. Many homeowners, nowadays, are embracing this latest trend to give their home a new look. Now, you are thinking about the same for your house, right? Well, there are several things you should know about bookmatching slabs before you opt for. And that’s what this blog has brought out in detail. So, keep scrolling down!

Things to Know About Bookmatching Slabs

Listed below are a few crucial things about bookmatching slab.

1. What Does Bookmatching Slab Mean?

It’s a method of adjoining two or more slabs of stone so that they can mirror each other. It provides the impression of an opened book. This method is used to create a mirror image effect, such as the wings of a butterfly. The result reflects from one slab to another.

2. How to Create This Stone?

The manufacturers bring the blocks of natural stones to the processing plant from a quarry. They cut these stone into slabs that are laid to polish and bundle them together. While bookmatching, the processing plant alternates the slabs in such a way that they are polished on opposite sides. And after they place the bookmatched slabs next to each other, these open up like a book. And these slabs show a mirror image of each other.

bookmatching slabs

3. What Are The Applications Of Bookmatching Slabs?

Bookmatching slabs are usually best for the large areas where you can notice its full effect. It provides an impressive visual outcome. Kitchen islands, shower walls, and feature walls are the best places to use bookmatching slabs. And you can add different patterns, shapes in this stone. These look stunning in both traditional and contemporary settings. It looks like abstract art. It’s one of the most impressive aesthetic ways to include the natural beauty of stone in your home.

4. Is Any Stone Can Be Used For Bookmatching?

It depends on the characteristics of stones. Bookmatching works best with the stones that come with linear patterns and strong veins. The slabs with a uniform pattern are not suitable for bookmatching.

5. Does It Cost More Than A Standard Layout?

Due to the layer restrictions, bookmatching may cost more. In this method, there is one layout option to create the effect. And you can use leftover stones for backsplash, vanity tops, etc. However, you can have this natural stone within your affordability by contacting a reliable supplier.

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